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Still, Microsoft Streets and Trips enjoyed tremendous popularity with salespeople. This led to a lot of frustrated customers, including of course ourselves With our Field Dashboard, you can see recently added companies, recent activities like calls or emails and active deals. Unfortunately, Microsoft Streets and Trips is no longer available.


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Enter at least 3 characters for your search keywords Post found: 0. With the introduction of MapQuest inonline personal mapping slowly became accessible to the public. This not just revolutionized personal navigation — it transformed the way industries like field sales operated. But before Waze, Google Maps, and жопу sony vegas pro 11 keygen indir gezginler free download дружищще)) TomTom existed — there were five friends from Surrey, England that built an overnight success software called Autoroute.

Massively popular, it was eventually downloaded microsoft streets and trips windows 10 free half of the computers in the UK. In the late 90s, it was acquired by Microsoft and distributed in North America as Streets and Trips in Microsoft Streets and Trips was a mapping and routing program that helped lay the foundation for personal GPS systems. Now discontinued, it was a computer program that mapped out streets, businesses and places of interest — as well as displayed pins on a map and built multi-stop routes from place to place.

In later versions, it introduced features we are familiar with like weather considerations, traffic monitoring and construction updates. With an extremely user-friendly interface for its time, Microsoft Streets and Trips featured ground-breaking technology that contained more than six million miles of map. The software would identify roads that were under construction and provide information on how to avoid them.

This combination of business data and route optimization was a success within sales departments. It provided a comprehensive solution that offered territory creation, route optimizationmanagement efficiency, and territory mapping — effectively revolutionizing the sales industry.

But inMicrosoft chose to discontinue the product; and then init ended its Streets and Trips support lines. In the end, Streets and Trips released a goodbye message urging their customers to use Bing Maps instead. In doing so, they lost sight of the enterprise market that used Streets and Trips for sales.

Bing Maps was not a direct microsoft streets and trips windows 10 free and was inherently a consumer product. Yes — in we built Map My Customers to replicate the best of what Streets and Trips had to offer, while adding in modern features that make it mobile-friendly and super insightful.

We knew that when Streets and Trips vanished, enterprises and businesses had no suitable alternative. It wasand we were stuck running our sales routes like it was Unlike Microsoft Streets and Trips, MMC is built for the phone — meaning you can see your routes, schedule and customer notes from anywhere.

In fact, I first built this app specifically for my fathera career field sales professional in the flooring industry. Because of this, we understand exactly what sales reps need. Here, I break down the top 5 aspects of what makes Map My Customers so useful for reps and teams in the field:. Microsoft streets and trips windows 10 free these routes is мой! microsoft office 2010 offline installer free думал and allows sales reps to build their most efficient day.

Map My Customers visualizes all of your customers as pins on a map. You can add those pins to a route in a few short taps or by using our lasso tool to mass-add relevant pins. Similar to Microsoft Streets and Trips, our route optimization takes into account real-time factoring such as traffic congestion, required stops throughout the road, weather conditions, traffic accidents and more.

Since our platform is powered by Google Maps proven by CNBC to be more accurate than Apple Maps you can rest assured knowing that the route directions you receive will always be the fastest route possible. Once your route is built, you can also follow turn-by-turn navigation via a mobile GPS of your choice — including Apple Maps or Waze. Creating a route on our platform is actually much easier and faster to do than on Microsoft Streets and Trips. In fact, many of our customers praise our platform for saving them countless hours that would have been spent on driving and planning routes.

Some customers have even cut their weekly planning time in half and reduced their weekly driving time by miles. When you build a route with Map My Customers — you also get a stop-by-stop itinerary where you can further dictate additional information about stops, including customers microsoft streets and trips windows 10 free, the length of the visit and the total distance traveled. Once you build your optimized route, you can sync your itinerary to your calendar like Google Calendar or Outlook and add it to your Saved Routes.

Want to change your route? Microsoft streets and trips windows 10 free drag and drop each stop and rearrange it in the order you want it to be in. You microsoft streets and trips windows 10 free easily add or remove stops as well.

As we mentioned above, when you import your customers into Map My Customers they are displayed as pins on a map. In a single field of view, you can see every customer, prospect or contact displayed — making microsoft streets and trips windows 10 free the perfect visual for the field sales rep and part of what was so great about Microsoft Streets and Trips.

For example, our heat mapping tool can help you to understand the geospatial factors that influence your deals. You can also use Map My Customers to curate a specific view of certain customers. With Grouping and Filtering, you can segment your customers based on tier, priority, and product type — as well as by radius in microsoft streets and trips windows 10 free or custom fields.

Map My Customers brings a more insightful view of your territory than Microsoft Streets and Trips ever could. Find places of businesses nearby to build a day of cold calls to generate new business. Or, if you find yourself with a gap in your schedule due to a cancellation — use the Lead Generation tool to microsoft streets and trips windows 10 free a nearby opportunity. Although Microsoft Streets and Trips did not have a true Lead Generation tool, they had a similar business search similar to Google Maps that posted reviews and additional details about opportunities.

With Map My Customers, you can easily find new opportunities relevant to you — and instantly add them as a saved prospect or give them a quick call. Whereas Microsoft Streets and Trips mostly existed as a tool for routing, Map My Customers also acts as a mobile contact management and planning tool.

This means that beyond routing, you can do all of your administrative work from your mobile device as you go about your day. Before you hit the road, use Map My Customers to pick out your highest priority customers and build your itinerary for the day or week.

As you go about your day taking meetings and making cold calls, you can log notes about your customers, add files, and schedule follow-ups as necessary.

You can even use our Cadence Management tool to indicate when you need посмотреть больше follow up with an account. The best part about this is that you can also share this information with your entire team, which encourages clean and consistent адрес страницы management practices across your entire organization. Another way Map My Customers goes beyond Streets and Trips is with leading field team management functionality.

With our Field Dashboard, you can see recently added companies, recent activities like calls or emails and active deals. Plus, you can actively compare the performance of your reps by number of activities logged and by type of activity. You can also click in to an individual rep to see more about what their day is like and check in on them. Within Reports, you can access tables of more granular information, activity logs, and added customers.

Streets and Trips was a revolutionary product, but it was limited in some of its features. One of the biggest advantages of Map My Customers is that we are both a web and mobile solution. You can easily create routes on the web and have it be available and accessible from your mobile device iOS or Android and vice versa. He originally built MMC for his father, a career field salesman in the flooring industry. View all posts by Matthew Sniff. Map My Customers is the new way to manage your field data and sales team.

Try it free for 14 days. Sales Tools. By Matthew Sniff 2 years ago 8 min read. So what happened? What Was Microsoft Streets and Trips? This led to a lot of frustrated customers, including of course ourselves Even better, routing is available on our web app, iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

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