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Best Free Horror Games to Download and Play ; Demon Hunter 4: Riddles of Light, Horror, Rating ; Amulet Of Dreams, Horror, Rating ; Jewel Match Twilight. Phasmophobia; Metro Exodus; Resident Evil Village; The Evil Within 2; Alien: Isolation; Condemned: Criminal Origins; Darkwood; System Shock 2.


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The gameplay in these horror games balances between dynamic scary scenes and neat and orderly movement from cover to cover. Those who like to constantly hide from monsters and simultaneously reveal the plot of the game, survival horror games – this is exactly what you need to download via torrent. Gameplay in the first three is based on hide-and-seek, where the player must constantly find shelters in which to hide from monster enemies. In the last two the gameplay is focused on cooperative interaction, where a team of up to 4 people confront one super strong and extremely dangerous enemy.

Lovecraft will want to look into adding World of Horror to their list of scary games to play this October. Set in Shiokawa, Japan, players are tasked with stopping the apocalypse by exploring various locations and fighting monsters inspired by Japanese horror manga and urban legends.

It is, of course, a horror game, but World of Horror also adds elements from the roguelite and RPG genres. There was always something inherently creepy about being in a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant as a kid, a dimly lit, rat-themed birthday party center with sad pizza, a mostly broken arcade room, and a giant animatronic animal band that would shut down in between songs to stare into the souls of children with giant, dead-eyed looks. Pathologic was ahead of its time when it was released way back in Set in a mysterious town beset by an unknown plague, Pathologic combines horror and mystery for a truly unique experience.

Each day, new quests will be available that will take characters one step closer to the truth. Pathologic and its sequel Pathologic 2 truly excel at atmosphere. While jump scares are a bit few and far between, the overwhelming sense of dread will linger through your entire playthrough, and your time in Pathologic will burrow in your mind for much longer. Phasmophobia came onto the scene like a bat out of hell. Four players can join up as amateur ghost hunters, armed with tools like night-vision cameras, holy water, and radios.

As an early access game, there are still plenty of technical kinks to work out, but the core premise works exceptionally well. Gather enough clues and you can try and successfully identify what kind of ghost is haunting that location. Deduce correctly for a nice payday. As the clock ticks, the chances of running into a ghost increase, and so does the danger. Since , the duo has released over 15 micro horror games on Steam priced at just a couple of dollars.

While these games might only be a few hours long, they pack a horrifying punch. One of the most well-known is The Convenience Store, where players take on the role of night-shift convenience store employee. As players go about their night, restocking items and checking inventory, creepy happenings such as strange customers, unexplained noises, and other horrifying encounters begin to intensify as the night goes on.

Holmes in the company of Lonnit Entertainment. Action Adventure Survival Horror 2. December 10, December 6, Action Adventure Survival Horror Action Adventure Survival Horror 0. December 5, December 2, Action Adventure Survival Horror 6. November 19, November 18,


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